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Tokyo Gift Show 2016-03Observing the Japanese economy, it is apparent that “Abenomics” has brought a weak yen onto the international stage. With this weak yen, Japan`s overseas production bases are beginning to return to domestic manufacturing in Japan. Due to the growth in consumption by overseas tourists visiting Japan helped by the expansion of the tax-free scheme and the weak yen, overseas visitors last year were 13 million 410,000, twice the scale of 2011.

This was proof that Japan`s manufacturing industry and the vitality of the Japanese economy are in no way declining. We Japanese people, steadily regaining our confidence and pride, far from weakening amid these radical changes, consider that this is the time, aiming at a rich market with not only the West but also with the various Asian nations with at their head the China newly entered in the club of advanced nations, to pursue trade, exporting made-in-Japan brand merchandise.

Amid the first weak yen for 15 years, the fall in the price of crude oil and the zero-interest policy, these very factors themselves are being turned to account. Japan`s products have a very long-established “safe, reliable, chic, trustworthy technology” international reputation, and thanks to the weak yen, this “Japan brand”, pursuing amid the globalised world market high quality, sophisticated and advanced high technology, is being once again recognised in and outside of Japan and becoming popular.

With the strong yen, weak dollar becoming weak yen, strong dollar, the worst is over, the bad dream has finally faded. Taking-up the challenge of the global market, with a yet more richly human lifestyle (global environment conservation, pacifism), let`s take a first confident, vigorous step towards the world. The 80th Gift Show is definitely the winning hit of resurgent Japan challenging the global market

1 Name The 82th Tokyo International Gift Show Autumn 2016
2 Date 7 – 9 September 2015
3 Venue Tokyo International Exhibition Center (Tokyo Big Sight)
4 Organizer Business Guide-Sha, Inc
5 Space 2.500 companies / 4.100 booth
6 Exhibition International
7 Products Personal Gifts, consumer goods and decorative accessories.
8 Visitor Profile Wholesaler & Distributor, Retail & Supermarket, Agent, Restaurant, Hotel and Spa, Contruction & Architecture company, Retailer, Manufacture


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