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Seoul International Cafe Show
23 – 26 November 2022 Seoul, Korea

Cafe Show Seoul is the world’s largest coffee exhibition held annually in November, stimulating and supporting the growth of global coffee and F&B industries. Over the years, Cafe Show Seoul has made immense contributions to the development of coffee industry, first beginning in Korea then spreading to wider parts of the world.

Since the start in 2002, Cafe Show Seoul has been providing exceptional experiences to coffee and related communities around the globe through creative and effective business, conference and cultural programs.

As a universally acclaimed exhibition, Cafe Show Seoul shows market trends, provides insightful solutions and offers new business opportunities each year by bringing together industry professionals from around the world to network, connect and exchange ideas. In 2022, discover Cafe Show Seoul that connects the global world of coffee and F&B industries. Experience the difference Cafe Show Seoul makes in your brand. Stir the next wave with Cafe Show Seoul.